SQUIZ English Online
July 30 (Sat)

Team intellectual online game in English

SQUIZ English Online
July 30 (Sat)

Team intellectual online game in English



rubles for a team
How is the game going
The whole game takes place online. Teams can be in the same room or communicate remotely via Skype, Zoom or messengers.
The host asks questions and comments on the game via an online broadcast. The broadcast comes from the studio with excellent sound and picture quality.
The team captains enter answers on the website in a special form. Game results are updated in real time.
Quiz Rounds
7 questions with 4 answer options
3 topics of 3 questions with answer options
7 audio and video questions
Just a second
Blitz round with 12 questions
5 questions + an additional question
4 questions with 10 elements, from which you need to make pairs
Intellectual Casino
6 logical questions with the ability to place bet
Examples of questions
The famous "dancing house". Built in 1996. Genre - deconstructivism.
"The Diamond Hand"
"Our people don't take taxis to the bakery!"
The "2@" button is made in the form of a doghouse
To land the plane
Van Gogh Museum
Cup without ear
Pepe the frog is a famous Internet meme.
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Г) Ты
А) Твои мечты
Д) Твои слова
Б) Ложь
В) Боль
Первая причина - это ТЫ
А вторая - все ТВОИ МЕЧТЫ
Третья - это все ТВОИ СЛОВА
Я им не поверил едва
Четвертая причина - это ЛОЖЬ
Кто прав, кто виноват, не разберешь
Пятая причина - это БОЛЬ
От того, что умерла любовь
July 30, Sat
Online game #2
Questions pack from the June 16 offline game
Date: May 28, 2022
Place: Coin Hall, Пятницкая, 71/5с2
Start time: 16:00
Еnd time: 18:00
Description: The game is completely in English. Questions on general topics.
Cost: 500 rubles per person, payment in cash only
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Will the questions be very difficult? I'm worried that I don't have enough knowledge and experience.
Our game is not designed for Cambridge professors, but for the most ordinary people with an average set of knowledge. Most of our participants are neabies to such games. Many answers can be reached with the help of logic and intuition. And don't forget that you play in a team, and it's much easier and more comfortable than playing alone.
What technical means are needed for the game?
1) Fast internet.
2) Gadgets for watching the broadcast, sending team responses and communicating with each other if the team is playing remotely.
When playing in the same room, you can do 1-2 devices for the whole team (broadcast + sending responses).
When playing remotely, each participant will need 2 devices (broadcast + communication with the team).
We will send you a link to the broadcast to your phone and email before the game.
How can I communicate with my team if we play remotely?
1) Mobile conference call
2) Conference applications (Zoom, Skype)
2) Text messengers
How many people can play in one team?
As many as you want. You can play alone, or you can have a fun company of 10 people.
Is it possible to Google while playing?
According to the rules, participants should not use third-party sources of information during the games. We will not be able to verify this, but we hope for your honesty. Besides, playing fair is much more interesting.
Are the questions the same or different every time?
Each game has its own number. Under each number there is a different package of questions. Sometimes we repeat some games, but in this case we add the second digit to the game number. For example, games 31, 32, 33 are different games, and 34.1 and 34.2 are the same game.
How can I pay for participation?
Participation is paid by bank card upon registration. The cost is 1000 rubles per team.
When and how do we get a link to the broadcast?
We send the link to the participants an hour before the game to the phone and email that were specified during registration. If for some reason you have not received the link, write to us in the chat.
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